Why won't Yahoo Answers publish my questions anymore?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Yahoo answers can be a pain sometimes. Did you log in first? Either that or someone complained and you have been put on suspension. Contact Yahoo and explain this to them. They Will answer you.

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Dwaun Marshall , Sense that you are not specific, answered

Your question may not fit YA! Guidelines and Policies.

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MosTafa ElgAyar , Computer Geek, answered

Well there is 2 Possibilities:

1) You are not logged in correctly, so your publishing won't happen.

2) Your account was permanently banned from Yahoo Answers and you will have to create a new one to start publishing questions or answers!

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Lynn Blakeman answered

If you are having problems getting your answers published on Yahoo  there are several things you can do.

  • Check your answers - did you say anything that could have been taken the wrong way or was in any way offensive etc.
  • Are you logged into your account properly?  Have you made sure that you haven't been banned or suspended?
  • It is possible that the person you are trying to answer has blocked you.
    Try to think if the problems you are having are related to specific
  • Try opening the same page on a different browser, or after you have cleared your browser's cache. Sometimes, for technical reasons, it may take a few minutes for new content to appear on a website, so clearing your cache is the best method for making sure the page you're seeing is up to date (See this page for help on that: //technology.blurtit.com/113695/how-do-you-clear-your-caches-and-cookies)
  • Have you tried emailing Yahoo and asking why your answers have not been posted? You can contact them here https://io.help.yahoo.com/contact/index?page=contact&locale=en_GB&y=PROD_ANSW

There is also a help section for Yahoo answers which can be accessed here https://uk.help.yahoo.com/kb/answers so hopefully you will be able to find out the problem and can start to post again!

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Woof Woofy answered

Yahoo answers has filters. Which are 100% messed up and inaccurate.

If Yahoo's filters think that your question isn't valid, it won't post it.

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