How can I convince my parents to buy me an iPhone?


3 Answers

Angela Anthony Profile
Angela Anthony answered

Maybe save your money, allowance or get odd jobs around the neighborhood walking dogs, babysitting, mowing lawns. Once you have some money 1/2 the cost if the phone, then approach your parents and ask if they would help you buy the phone, and show them how responsible you've been in trying to save the money yourself.

Izzy SouthernGirl Profile

You can't depend on your parents to buy you everything. Maybe won't buy one for you but they will probably will let you get one if you save up your money and pay for one your self. 

Maybe look for a job and start making your own money.

Jill Ludwig Profile
Jill Ludwig answered

Ask for an early birthday or Christmas OR promise to find a job to help pay for the phone and subscription.

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