Can you guys give me some thoughts on the Wii U. I'm thinking about getting it but i need to know if it's good?


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When I reviewed the the Wii U last year I gave it an 8/10. If I were reviewing it today, having used the Xbox One and PS4,I am not sure I would give it the same score, but that doesn't mean it's a bad console.

As ever, Nintendo has always had its own way of doing things, and that is no different from the Wii U, making it the console that offers something a little different than what the mainstream guys from Sony and Microsoft I would say it pretty good, go for it..

Ohhh, goodness, before I forget, there is one limitation. The battery life on the Wii U GamePad is close to awful, with around three to four hours from a charge in our experience.But the the two answers to this are to keep it plugged in to its charger, or play in bursts and remember to recharge between sessions.

Thats all I can say for now...

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