Does anyone know a website where I can watch English movies for free with no credit card number being asked for?


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ankit choudhary answered
You can watch English movie for free on “”. This site is free of charge.

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Tim Cook answered

There are several sites online where you can watch English movies for free (I'm guessing you mean movies in English, rather than just made in England), with YouTube the most obvious example.

Remember that it's unlikely you will be able to watch any recent movies on these sites, but if you enjoy old movies, and aren't bothered about downloading films to your computer, try:

  • The Internet Archive

These sites often have different films available to watch than each of the other sites, although public domain films (where the copyright has lapsed) are easy enough to find on any of these sites.

It's best not to visit a site with one particular film in mind, as this can be disappointing if you find the film isn't available. My tip is to go through a film guide book and jot down the names of a few films you like the look of (as I said before, the older a film is, the likelier you are to find it), then go through each of the above sites, checking off the list as you go.

To read the advice given by other Blurtit users to similar questions, go to Where Can I Watch Movies Online For Free With No Surveys And No Downloading? or try Where can i watch free movies online no sign up no credit card needed?

I love watching old horror movies and here's what I'll be watching the next time I have a 'movie night', Bela Lugosi in Bowery at Midnight (1942):

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On YouTube you can, but most of them are going to be old movies, that depends of the kind of movies that you want, there are other places, but you have to have a CC.

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Good day. Yes, there are such sites. For example, I watched hbo new trailer. So I studied on it. Also on this site there are other films on which you can learn. A huge choice. So to say, according to your mood. You do not need to pay for here. Viewing and this is their huge plus.

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