What's The Difference Between Newspaper And Magazine?


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Magazine - more color - more adds - more tips - more recipes - ex....

Newspaper - up to date news - finding jobs - looking in the want adds

Similarties - Gossip - Horoscopes - true stories

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A magazine always has a feature article and a picture-usually of the subject featured- boldly pasted on the cover of the magazine.

A newspaper might ve a feature article but it does not have pictures in front of it.
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Newspapers are written in columns,
they are more formal
more political
general news on things that have happend
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A newspaper is Black and white, general news, tells facts, and comes out everryday
a magazine come out weekly/monthly, colorful, tips and recipes, and quizzes
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What is Magazine Journalism?

Magazine journalism uses the traditional journalism tools of interviews, background research and writing to produce articles for consumer and trade magazines. Magazine journalism differs from newspaper journalism in at least five ways.
1. Newspapers have a very broad audience with widely varying ages and interests confined to one metropolitan area.
2. Magazines have a national audience who have a very specialized interest in one particular topic.
3. Magazines are published monthly instead of daily
4. Therefore readers expect articles that are longer with much more in-depth analysis of issues and trends.
These and several more differences between magazines and newspapers are discussed in the first chapter of my recent book "Magazines: A Complete Guide to the Industry." There are about 18 universities in the country that offer specialized undergraduate programs in magazine journalism and Ball State University, where I teach, is one of them.
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The difference is that a newspaper talks about the big news such as new store openings, weather or other facts going on in town! But a magazine talks more about rockstars, popstars, famous people and fashion! Hope I helped! Have a great summer everyone!

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