Can you describe five technology and business trends that have enhanced the role of information systems in today`s competitive business environment?


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Off the top of my head, I'd say five technology and business trends that have really made a difference to information systems in business today are:

1 - Security software - The makers of a premium anti-virus software package today released a statement saying that installing a package like Norton Anti-virus simply isn't enough anymore.

As hackers have become more sophisticated, so too have our methods of detecting and dealing with technological threats.

If it hadn't been for these advances, the internet would have been overrun, and business would no longer be able to enjoy the same kind of reliance on technology as they currently do.

It's still an ongoing battle though.

2 - CRM software (like Oracle and Salesforce) Businesses nowadays are able to manage, analyse and communicate with their customer segments in ways they would have never imagined years ago.

3 - Mobile Is the next big revolution in many ways. No longer are businesses dependant on customers sitting at their desk browsing Internet Explorer, nowadays each customer has a portable and personal connection to the world of products out there: Their mobile device.

4 - Cloud Hardware is expensive. It is a hurdle for many businesses. But now that Software can be hosted and accessed through the "cloud", this provides flexible solutions for businesses, helping them grow no matter their size or capital.

5 - Social Media has become a powerful communication channel that businesses are currently using for everything from advertising through to product research and development.

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If speaking about CRM software solutions are highly scalable applications designed to enable businesses to realize their goals with functional customer insights and analytics, as well as streamline an organization’s productivity and overall efficiency processes.

A good option, in this case, is Salesforce Lightning ( It is the innovative user interface specifically designed to enhance customer experience and overall efficiency. That alone makes it vital to the success of your Salesforce organization.

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Core Java, Advanced Java, Dot Net and salesforce this three are important Technologies which are in IT industries

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Actually, I think it's really important to mention lead management software because tracking and analyzing the leads can be beneficial in terms of getting customers for every company, and it also can be profitable. I use Phonexa, and I believe that without it, my business would be way less money-making.

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