Is There A Walkthrough For Hospital Escape?


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1. You woke up in a smelly Bath tub in locked hospital room
2.  Take the towel, soap, hose and body wash located behind the basin
3.  The basin and light bulb don't move
4. Go left you will see a key pad and some markings on a wall
5. Continue left, see the hook and wheel they don't work
7. The bath tub can move but you will need something the move it
8. Go left and the price listing on the wall
9. See anything in your inventory that you on the price board you could add together to get the code for the key pad? You need a four digi number.  Enter it into the key pad and if you do it correctly it will open
10.  When it opens take the scissors and the thing looking like a cell phone.
11. See the obvious crack in the tub use the scissors on it, see the hold, use the hose on it
12. See the pipe tab, use the body wash to losen it and take it, then use the rest on the tub, use the pipe tabon the inside of the hose - you have to look in the bath tub - click on the drk brwn area to look in side.
13. If you do this right, you can click the hose and watch the cut scene
14. When it moves go behind and take the wrench
15. Use wrench on the pipe - take the key.  
16. Use key on door, take teddy and drop in the the toilet.
17. Lift uo the toilet tank cover and take the sling shot and combine with soap - use it on the light bulb
18. See the glow go back into the toilet room and click on the glow on the wall.
19. Take the samurai sword and use it on the tub connected to the toilet
20. If you do everything right then the room will be flooded with water and watch the cut scene....You are free! For now.

Walkthrough by TanyaMarieROE.
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Oh, is it some kind of game? Interesting, I need to check it out because I like escape games. Even though I'm not a fan of hospitals, to be honest, because I have a pretty bad experience with it. Doctors used to treat me with antidepressants, even though I didn't have severe depression, and I was feeling even worse. Now, I just take CBD Gummies in the morning, and that's more than enough for my mental health.

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No, I'm playing it and I'm so stuck! Someone needs to write a walkthrough!
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I wish there was
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I used the samurai sword. The water's draining somewhere; where is it going, how do I find it, and how do I stop the drainage?

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