If I like then unlike a picture on Instagram, do they still get the notification? Also, if I change my username afterwards and they were to receive the notification, would my old or new username appear? And does it make a difference whether I'm using an iPhone or Android?


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Brian Scott answered

Ok if you like and then unlike a photo on Instagram, the person can still see it.

It's because it's not just about whether you unlike it quickly, but whether that user is active or not.

Let me explain:

  • If the user has Instagram open when you like their photo, they will see the alert obviously
  • If they have push notifications turned on, they will see the alert immediately
  • If they have Instagram running in the background (i.e. Not on their phone's screen, but still active - which is how many people have it - then they will see the alert.
  • If they have no signal, or the app is closed  (needs to fully launch to appear on their phone) then they will NOT see the notification.

By the way, changing your username won't help. When you change it, your notifications change too. I just tried it now to double check.

And about iPhone or Android... I don't think it makes a difference. I have an iPhone myself, but I can't see it being any different on Android as it's all about how apps work in general.

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