How can I increase traffic to my blog?


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Bilal Ahmad answered

Saurabh there are several ways for increasing traffic to a page. You will need to follow all the possible ways at a time to get the best out of it. For example Search Engine Optimization is the free way that can bring free targeted visitors to your blog.

If you are already familiar with the SEO then that is the first and stable way to get daily traffic.

However as SEO is a long term method you will need to wait for the result. Meanwhile you can get instant traffic from the social media websites e.g Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Pinterest.

The simple rule is to share quality information on your social networks and let your friends and fans see it. If the content you have shared contains quality then they will certainly "Like", "+1", "Tweet" and "Pin" with there friends.

Another method you can apply is to find quality and high trafficked Question & Answers websites and  post relevant links in the questions asked by the users. Make sure you answer the question with relevant links so that you can stay safe and don't get caught by the spam team.

My last suggestion is to fin blogs in your niche and regularly post comments there. Comments can help you get some backlinks and also traffic.

The secret is to keep it on regularly basis. If you stop the traffic will stop. So just keep doing it.

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Lesley Haught answered

Here are the concrete practical recommendations how to increase traffic to your blog:

1. While creating new posts - consider requests in search engines that are relevant to the topic of your post. In other words title of the post (article) should not only intrigue reader but also perfectly match the query in a search engine. Over time, such posts will rise up in search results without any effort from your side.

2. Register accounts in all popular social networks that are relevant to your blog. Every day submit new materials to these groups and not only those that appeared on your blog. By increasing these groups you increase constant traffic to your blog from social networks. It won't give you high traffic jumps - but after some time it will be the main source of traffic to your blog.

3. Register in several dozens of the most popular forums and share (but don't spam) posts from your blog in relevant threads of forums. Keep in mind that it must be very organically and don't look like spam and of course not all forums allow to do this.

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