How to write a formal email requesting an appointment?


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You can formally request an appointment by writing an email like this:

To whoever it may concern,

I'm writing request an appointment to meet with you on the [proposed date] at [the proposed time].

I wish to discus the matter of [the proposed matter], and look forward to your RSVP.

Best Regards,

[Your name]

[The Date]

Here are the rules to stick to when writing a formal request for an appointment:

  1. Keep it brief
  2. Be polite
  3. Include all the details about when, where, and why you want to meet.

One tip I have for you is to write when you are in a good mood.
If you can hold off sending the email until you are in a positive frame of mind, I find this translates somehow in the way you structure your sentences, and the reader will hopefully pick up on your positivity too.

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