what's a cute paragraph I could send to my crush for him to wake up to?


3 Answers

Urvi Patel Profile
Urvi Patel answered

there are a few apps that u can use, the one I am familiar with is "Love quotes" and it has nice pictures which u can send as a test message. Hope it works

Brenda Everett Profile
Brenda Everett answered

Good morning sweetheart. I hope you are thinking of me, for I am thinking of you. You brighten my day like the morning sun.

Amanda Layne Profile
Amanda Layne answered

I would send him something cheeky and maybe a bit rude in the morning like about how guys always get boners in the morning lol

I know you said cute, but come on?! Most guys are interested in sexy and fun girls, not girls that text them saying I miss you and I wish I was cuddling with you etc

Or maybe that's just the kinda guys I dated, I dunno!

But if you wanna go down the whole cute route, then ya, send him something saying how you want to be with him and give him good morning cuddles and kisses and lay in bed staring at his sexy eyes.

Something like that will be pretty good cuz guys love compliments, especially the arrogant ones :D

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