What did people do for fun before the internet?


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i got my first computer and internet in Sept. of 2006, 1 month before my 16th birth day, the start of grade 11.

before i had the internet.. i would do things like hangout at the mall with my mum (still do). volleyball and soccer lessons for a good number of years, played video games, hanged out with friendly acquaintances after school, bike rides, ice skate, swimming, went to baseball games with my dad on friday nights at the local parks, camping..

(as of now. i can say that i can't go back to an internet-less life. now i get all of my entertainment thru YouTube and this site xD)

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Internet? Sheesh! We didn't even have TV in Australia till the end of 1956 (when I was doing my army training) so I grew up at a time when we made our own fun. Much of it was outdoors but on rainy days there were board games, cards, wireless (we still hadn't quite got around to calling it radio) which gave us not only music but sport, serials, comedy, quiz shows, and so on. (Imagine America)'s Got Talent on the radio and we certainly had that.) And we read books, and we used our imagination.

If we were bored it was because we chose to be.

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Tom  Jackson
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Sometimes I wonder if such a background in childhood didn't make me somewhat more creative than I would have been with video games and the internet.

This is just about me, not a commentary on my childhood vs contemporary childhood.
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Understood, Tom. Most of us probably remember fondly the things we enjoyed in childhood but I'd have loved something like the Internet or video games when I was a kid. Even so, I doubt if I'd be the same person if I'd had them.

I can even understand the texting culture, though I'm completely inadequate when it comes to answering questions about textiquette. It all seems so real to the kods.
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Kids, of course
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I was around before the internet became widely accessible, and I guess the answer is 'you can't miss something you didn't have'.

The internet has obviously had a huge impact on my life, but I can't say that my life was boring or worse without it...

I was quite young in the 90s (I'm 28 in 2013.. So you do the math!), but even when we had internet at home, it was pretty slow and not always accessible (56k modem that cut out the phone line every time someone in the house connected to the internet).

So during my early-teens I spent a lot more time hanging out with my friends, playing Super Nintendo, playing soccer and getting up to mischief. That's pretty much how we had fun.

Yes, it may have been healthier - I remember being able to run around and play soccer for hours back then - now I have to take a break if I run around for 15 minutes!

And yes, I spent more time with REAL people, as opposed to communicating with their avatars...

But in many ways, the internet has simply optimized the way kids have fun.

For example, when I got bored of playing the video games I had at home - I'd go to the arcade with some friends.

Now, I'd probably just download a new game.

The same applies to films and going to the cinema...

And I remember going to music stores just to listen to samples of CDs I couldn't afford to buy with my pocket money (I'm talking getting a bus to travel to a store to merely sample audio clips!!) ...

Now, a lot of that music is available for free and at the click of a mouse.

I guess the biggest controversy from a parent's point of view is physical activity though, and how this:

has been replaced by this:

I would point out though, that I used to play sports games on my Super Nintendo before I could play games online. So maybe it's technology and not the internet specifically that is to blame in this case.

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make lots of babies

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Hah it's actually true that birth rates were higher, but I think a lot of that is down to different economic circumstances too...
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Brian! Mobile games came up with the emergence of the first portable phones and
these did not even require an internet connection to work. Nowadays, folks will
play arcade: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/electricity-run-game/id963759829?mt=8 , action, RPG, endless
running and adventure themed titles on sleek-looking smartphones or tablets.
However, back in the days, devices from nokia.com came with such inbuilt
entertainment. Classic Snake and Space Defence were two of my favourite and
these days I still play them as they have made their way on both iOS and the
play.google.com store. For more ideas, here is a cool list: https://designshack.net/articles/10-productive-and-inspiring-things-to-do-with-no-internet-connection/. Hope this helps and all
the best!

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