I'm looking for a root for a TBDG773B 4.1.1 Android Zeki Tablet, anyone know where i can find me one. I checked xda and couldn't find it there?


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It should be rooted from factory as I understand.

This might not appear to be the case because you may not have installed the Super User app, but if you download that from the Google Play store, then I would recommend trying Avast again to see if it work for you then...

I would then recommend a full PC backup, making it viable to load from the Micro SD card.
Also a word of caution: You need to keep an eye out with the ROM Manager and C.W.M.

The clockwork is specific to the device, any crew ups here and you will render the device obsolete.

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Carl Green
Carl Green commented
Have you tired a service liek this seems like the quicest way to route an android device without all the hassle
Clyde Boss
Clyde Boss commented
I tried that already and it didn't work...
li fish
li fish commented
Try iRoot if it can't work. Just download and with one click, you can root Android suceessfully. There are now two versions there: iRoot for Pc and iroot for Android. with iroot for Android,You have no need to install the driver to download the file on your PC.
Just download the file on your tablet. Install and run the iRoot app.
Make sure your tablet has enough battery left.
Open the interface and tap on "Connect"and “Root ”,you will root your Android well.
For more details, check:

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