Which online game has the most players?


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Jon Horvath answered

It's really hard to judge which games have the most players, Microsoft and Sony don't seem to fond of sharing stats, but PC sites like Steam give a pretty comprehensive list showing the number of servers and players.

As of today Dota 2 had the most players peaking at around 865,000 followed by Counterstrike at nearly 245,000.

This doesn't account for console gaming though or non-Steam games such as League of Legends and World of Warcraft, which were previously known as the most popular online games.

This article shows how controversial it can be to name one game as the most popular and by the looks of things League of Legends is still more popular than Dota 2, because of it's eastern fan base:

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Agree with the previous commenter concenring the World of Warcraft, even kids love and play it. My friends, my family, schoolmates and their families at least once tried playing it. As for me, I must confess I do boost my antorus via reliable company sometimes.

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Hello! I think it is Dota2 but maybe CS:GO... I think that these two games has the most players these days. I have alos found some interesting websites with skins for them like SkinCasino and some others where I can get lots of nice stuff for games. It only proves that these two are the most popular I guess...

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It's a hard question...I think it could be some strategies like Warcraft or some simple games as an zuma slots.

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I think that people divided into three groups of players:

1) World of Warcraft, Lineage or etc.

2) Worlds of Tanks and 3 ) slots or something like that.

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I think steam games such as Dota 2 and CS are the most popular among video games. When we talk about gambling, casinos are definitely the most popular Games. I have seen even the list of top casinos on There are the most famous ones.

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