How can I check my bank account please?


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There are several ways to check your bank account balance. The following details are for the UK, but can be taken in general for other countries as well.

The most common way of learning your bank account balance is for the bank to issue a monthly or quarterly statement. Many banks have ceased the service, as there are now more efficient ways of checking your bank balance.

You Will Need Personal Identification
for the Following Methods of Checking Your Bank Account

You can go to the bank in person, or use one of its ATMs (or cash machines). Both will require you to have your bank card. An ATM will request your PIN (Personal Identification Number), usually a four figure number. You will then be offered the option of checking your bank balance. You could also go inside the bank and deal with one of the cashiers, you will print off your balance, on presentation of your bank card. 

Another option is to telephone the bank's customer services department. The number should be present on any recent letters the bank has sent you, or can be found online using Google. 

To use the bank's website to check your account, you will need to have registered first. If you haven't done this before, the website itself will guide you through the process. It isn't as difficult as you might think. If you're still not sure, the staff at your local branch should be happy to help.

Here is a short film showing the basics of online banking:

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