Can You Help Me Find A Legitimate Job Where I Can Really Make Some Extra Money Online At Home?


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There are as many as 5 legitimate ways you can get an online job which can enable to earn some extra money online:

1. Get paid to take surveys: When you join paid survey programs, online businesses pay you for your opinion on products and services. One of the famous sites in this regard is
2. Get paid to read emails: Here online advertisers pay money to certain paid email companies for sending their advertisements through email to people who like to get paid for reading emails. When you receive the paid email, you should read it and click on the link to go the advertiser's website.
3. Get paid to complete offers: Here you are paid for trying out their products and services.
4. Get paid to shop online: Here you get paid a certain percentage of what you pay at online stores.
5. Bidding for projects: This is the most lucrative and stable job (read business) online, if you know how to bid assertively. There are websites like and who have a host of projects which can range from content developing, creative writing, script writing, programming, graphics, logo designing, web-designing etc(basically anything which can be outsourced!). You have to invest a small amount of time, convincing the client as to how you can provide better quality service than others. When you are on a roll, you can rake in money that can even make you a millionaire.
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Check out this link

It's the only system I've found that is NOT a scam. The reason I can say that with such certainty is because it's 100% FREE! They will NEVER ask you for money, which is the way it should be.
I've been using it for a while now, and although I'm not getting rich, I am making money.($700-$800 a month). I could probably make more with a bit more effort.
Check out the link, watch the video and decide for yourself. The video explains the entire system. It tells you what you have to do, how to do it, and is very upfront. Most of these systems are very vague about what you will be doing, this one is not. When you sign up, their training videos take you step by step through everything. There are NEVER ANY FEES for anything.....ever. See for yourself.
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There are many online jobs you can do. The problem as with many things is deciding which ones you want to do, or are able to do.

There are some that are a waste of time, and some that are scams or pyramid schemes, and you can easily be fooled into thinking that one or many of these can make you money, only to find that it does the opposite, takes your money and wastes your time.

You should start by being sure of what you know you can do. For example, can you type fast, are you good at admin? Can you do set up for web pages? 

Only you know your skills and what you will enjoy and what your investment of time and money should be. When you know this, then set about looking on Google for the skill you want to offer. 
You may have to pay to join a site that will find you work.
Good Luck
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I actually started working online few years ago. The company is more than 10 years old and legit. They always pay me on time. You can join for free and check it out. 

Working online can be a struggle if you just started. You need somebody to point you in the right direction, otherwise you will spend too much time figuring out what is good and what just takes your time.
When I started working for this company I got really good mentor. He showed me lots of tricks and tactics and now I am passing it forward. 
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You can take paid surveys online and it's a sure fire way to make an extra income online. But it is only an EXTRA income - don't be fooled into thinking it will make you an internet millionaire overnight with no effort - It won't, but it will cover some of those bills you've been meaning to pay but haven't. :)
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I use the app 'People per Hour'. There are many freelance sites where you can offer your skills for cash

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There are lot of legitimate online jobs are available such as
1) Blogging
2) Google Adsense
3) Affiliate marketing.
4) Micro Jobs.
5) Freelancing
6) Reselling Business.
Among them reselling business is the best way to earn money on internet.Reselling means just selling others services or products at higher cost earning money by getting commission from them .In reselling business you can fix your price for that products or services and you can market it and gain more profit.

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There are plenty of legitimate ways to make money online like
writing reviews, testing video games, drawing, making videos, blogging,
marketing, and more. It takes some time to get started and there's a lot to
learn, but it will definitely pay off if you stick to it. 

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There are many legit ways to make money online by working at home on your PC.

A few of them are :

1. Blogging and placing Google adsense on your blog (or Amazon affiliate links).

2. Paid Surveys

3. Write articles for blog owners.

4. Do gigs on Fiverr(dot)com

5. Promote Clickbank products on Facebook and Twitter.

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There are different and easiest ways to earn money online.
All you need is- click the ads, view emails, shop, surveys and others. There
are some of the websites which pays the user in order to grab those
opportunities and make money online accordingly. If you want to make money online, then you should follow Monster India job portal and visit the site to
find much awaited job opportunities.

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Yes there are many legit ways to make money online but I'd have to say the building an email list would be the best way to go about this, also it isn't a difficult task when you have someone to lead the way and show step by step what to do. 

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