If you could design your own Pokemon, what would it look like?


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Why am I answering this question? I dunno...anyway. Ummm, it would be half-ice half-fire...Does that make sense? The icy side would be rocky, and the fire side would be liquidy...

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Ok so it's been a while since I've indulged in the world of Pokemon, and my knowledge may be a little out of date, but here are the characteristics I would like from my "dream pokemon":

Rare and exciting like Ancient Egyptian Mew

Ancient egyptian mew pokemon

Gigantic and powerful like Onix

Mysterious and psychic like Alakazam

alakazam psychic pokemon

A bit of a rebel or badass like Seviper

seviper snake pokemon

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...Do you have to confirm a report? I may have accidentally reported you...I was going to comment that I liked your last one (It made me smile), but I clicked report...Sorry. D:
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A snake with arms that are also chainsaws. Kinda like electros. But more chainsaw.

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