What's the best task management / calendar integrated software suite?


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Dan Banks , Disorganised! , answered

Luckily, there are plenty of apps out there which can cater for all your task management needs! I've used plenty of these pieces of software in a attempt to try and organise my life, and here are some of the ones I would advise you try:

My favorite task management apps:

  • Remember The Milk is probably my favorite of the lot. This app is really easy to use, intuitive and it looks great. The best thing about Remember The Milk is that it can seamlessly integrate with Google Maps, Google Calendar, iCalendar and various instant messaging apps. Managing your life couldn't be simpler!

  • I also like to Google Tasks, simply because like most Google products, it's easy to use, works flawlessly and (best of all) it's free! Although Google Tasks is not a true Task management system, if you integrate it with Google apps and you almost exclusively use Gmail, then look no further!
  • Todoist is an in-browser task management system (although an app for it can be downloaded too) which is extremely simple. Like Remember The Milk, it integrates well with Google products, and also allows you to install a whole host of plugins - making it one of the more powerful task management systems out there!

I would highly recommend trying these three if you want to get your life that little bit more organised!

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Tulsi Chowdhury answered

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