Who'd win in a fight: Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario?


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I think it would be a tough battle, but Super Mario would most likely be the victor.

Sonic is only good at one thing: Running. If he builds up enough speed, he might even be able to knock Mario over with that "bowling ball" thing he does.

However, Sonic's attacks are very one dimensional. In an enclosed or narrow space, he'd be unlikely to build up enough momentum to injure Mario.

Mario, on the other hand, has a whole array of attacks that he could use. Obviously Mario is known for jumping on things until they submit to his almighty power - but his agility, strength, and mental prowess have helped him defeat everything from angry mushrooms through to spiked turtles. A mere hedgehog doesn't sound like much competition when you think about it that way.

There's also the fact that, if Mario ever finds himself in trouble, he can always rely on "star power" which renders him invincible. That means he CANNOT be beaten - you can even look it up in a dictionary if you don't believe me!
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Sonic, hands down!

Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic is undoubtedly one of the coolest video game characters of all time, plus the games themselves were extremely enjoyable, strategic and action packed - unlike the often slow-paced nature of the Mario series.

In my opinion there is only one fundamental difference between these great characters, and that is the methods they use to defeat evil and defend freedom.

  • Mario prefers to use tools and eat suspicious mushrooms in order for him to enhance his powers. He is simply a plumber that has found himself stuck in a struggle for Princess Peach with Bowser.
  • On the other hand, Sonic is a character built and destined to destroy the evil Dr. Robotnik. He does not rely on finding tools to complete the task at hand, he just gets on with it! He uses his lighting speed (he moves at an average of 765mph) and ability to spin at an astonishing rate to rip apart his enemies.

Upon looking at each character's attributes it's easy to see that Sonic would defeat Mario before he could reach for one of his power-ups. This would barely even be a contest.

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This is possibly the easiest question I've ever come across on Blurtit!

Of course Mario would kick Sonic's butt - here are the reasons why:

  • Mario has a dinosaur friend called Yoshi who eats anything.
  • Hedgehogs are amongst the most timid animals on the planet.
  • Mario can grow larger by eating a mushroom. Sonic will remain puny and small, no matter what he does.
  • Mario can shoot fire when he collects the fire flower. Have you ever seen a barbecued hedgehog? They smell delicious.
  • Sonics only power is to spin vigorously. With the feather cape, Mario can not only replicate it, but he can also glide around in the air too.
  • Mario battles mean looking reptiles like Bowser every day - he can handle a hedgehog, trust me.
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Rishab Raju
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Uh... No.1: Sonic can cut through anything with a Sonic Spin, so he would slice Mario in half like a small but dangerous roller blade. No.2: Lyric (from Sonic Boom) and Eggman aka. Robotnik can easily beat Bowser in a no-holds-bar match like a pork chop. No.3: Sonic has a range of shields, so he could deflect possibly every attack Mario makes. No.4: Did you transform Mario into Pikachu?! That is so messed up!!

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