What's your favorite youtube video?


10 Answers

Bella Almeida Profile
Bella Almeida answered
Annoying orange lady pasta lol! I hope this was helpful and i hope u rate this helpful!
emma arellano Profile
emma arellano answered
Mine is penut butter jelly time lol whats yours?
Evan Endrise Profile
Evan Endrise answered
Hilariouse but annoying roommate. Off the top of my head thats it
Steve Robinson Profile
Steve Robinson answered
Check out "Trance Music on Guitar"  This guy is awesome!  He has some other ones as well, but I saw this one first.
Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
I don't have one.
But I enjoy TheAlexJonesChannel quite a bit.
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
My favorite Youtube videos are Ariana Grande , Christina Grimmie, and Liz Gillies singing:)
natalie king Profile
natalie king answered
No favorite video but my favorite channels are the shaytards and the ilovemarcandnathan channel.
Kristin Rodriguez Profile
Hmmmm..... Im gonna say the amv called Draw With Me. It had a beautiful japenese song with it, but copyright blocked it -_-

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