How Many Levels Does Quake 1 Have?


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There 10 levels to a earthquake.
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Quake one as in a level one earthquake or quake one as in a game or quake one as in a video game character.need a more complete question. Is this even in the right
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I moved this question to the earthquake category. For more on the Richter Scale of measuring earthquakes see the Richter magnitude scale. wikipedia article.

Each number on the scale has 10 levels, 1.0 - 1.1 - 1.2 - 1.3 - 1.4 - 1.5 - 1.6 - 1.7 - 1.8 - 1.9
and so on.

Oh, wait, if your question is about a computer game, it should be in the computer game category. Let me know If I am wrong.
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If you mean an earthquake,it's just a good tremor.
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peter johnson
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I agree with you.
I wouldn't mind getting a Level 1 tremor every morning,when I wondering if I will be able to get out of bed :)
The Instigator
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I get tremors sometimes Willie, I can hardly keep my hand from shaking.
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If it's just a plain old cheese quake then it's usually one level. I guess you could slice it in two then you would have 2 levels. I've never heard of more that 2 levels though.

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