Do You Support The Introduction Of Full Body Scanners At Airports Which Show Passengers Naked?


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No I Don't.. It's Too Easy For A  Twisted Person To Store  This Info. I Didn't Mind Taking Off My Shoes And Putting My Purse Down... But That Shoe Guy Got Through AS Did The Underwear Guy...People That Aren't Nut-jobs Will Not Be Carrying Plastic Explosives Anyway... What If Someone Has A Fake Hip... Pacemakers... Pin In Their Leg.. Braces?? The List Goes On And On... If Loonies Want To Get On A Plane They Will.. The Xray Machine Is Plenty Because Plastic Explosives Could Be Hidden  On A Maxi Pad For God Sakes... The Machine Has Gone Off When I Was Under It Because I  Had A 2 Inch Key-chain In My Cd Case Because I Didn't Want To Lose It... I Was Told To Step To The Side, Frisked By The Baton Thing, Two Cops Told Me To Take Off My Socks Too, Then Some Lady Asked Me If  I Was Carrying Any Illegal Items.. Then I Had To Go Into A Side Room And They Rifled Through My Luggage.. They Found The Key-chain And Told Me.. "This Item Could Cause  A Major Issue". They Then Glared At Me And Let Me Go..
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I am seeing it like the U.K. Has been seeing it. If a child is scanned that could be considered child pornography. As I understand it the images are not stored at all, but how do we know someone won't figure out some way to record everyone?

It sounds like a nice devise for safety all in all.
I think they should invest more into another system, forgive me for not knowing it's name. It is a devise that shoots a blast of air around a person while millions of electronic "noses" sniff out for traces of bomb making materials. I heard this was a great system but was too expensive.
If price is the only thing holding this back then that is absurd.
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Keith Old
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Thanks Gvp.
Joan commented
I have been in the puffer machine. It is about the size of an old fashioned phone booth. It is glass on all sides and little bursts of air are shot all over your body. It takes a short few minutes but I suppose if everyone had to go through it, it could back up the foot traffic. Why I was chosen I do not know. I'm a old lady and they insisted I go through the puffer machine (my name for it). Still, there was some foreign guys with a questionable love for the U.S. That were not required to.
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No, this is a total lack of privacy....although I wish I were the one holding and looking at the scanner. Man, I would be begging the boss to work overtime and might even do it for FREE.
Just because it scans though wouldn't it still conceal things in the anus???
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The law is the law.  No way to get around it.
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Absolutely not!  There are already abuses.  A good looking woman travelling alone is 10 times more likely to get taken aside for a pat down or a body search.  And having scanners see everyone naked!  I agree with Purpless questions, what if you don't want the world to know you have a colonoscopy bag or something of that nature,  Or if a woman is on her period.  The more we allow government to control us, the more we lose.  Does anyone remember Animal Farm by Orwell?  
Israel seems to have it worked out pretty good, and they got a lot more terrorists than we do.  They profile, but we can't because it isn't politically correct.  Sorry, but the terrorists were all from the same country.  
I'm not the know it all here, but I do know that being seen naked by a bunch of strangers is invasion of privacy.  And, yes, I'd say they keep a copy of the scan in case something does go wrong.  And, no, I'm not afraid to be seen naked, we all got the same things, just a little more or less of.  
When is this supposed to occur?
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Keith Old
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It is coming to Australia and is in Britain Dee.
Deemarcas Day
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That's sad to hear Keith, that our world is coming to this. Almost all flyers are innocent of anything more than flying to get from one destination to another.
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No, because there is a potential for abuse even though they claim there is not. I believe the puffer machines is a more traveler friendly set up and can detect any harmful materials that could be hidden under clothes.besides if they put in these scanners that is even more jobs taken over by machines making it take even longer to travel through the airport.
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Keith Old
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Thanks Nomad. I understand that an actor claims that he was asked to autograph his in Britain although the airport disputes this. Http://
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The full body scanners do not show the passengers naked. They simply show the view that is scanned through the clothes. There is huge difference between unclothed (naked) and see through the clothing (more like x ray.).

Do you want to be on a plane that has a bomber on it? - I don't.
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No, i think its embarrassing for people to see me naked, maybe x-rays though
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If I'm flying on the plane, yes scan, I don't care what the scanners show as far as vanity. If I can't
have my gun then scan, scan, scan.
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I don't have a problem with nudity, but some people do and if they feel invaded, then it's wrong. It is a form of public humiliation, but if that's what needs to be done to protect people, then we have a handful of @$$holes that are responsible for the loss of some of our liberties...It's a sad story, but one that has to be told...
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Yes, without hesitation.
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All right, WHO was the pile of jackal puke that gave me a thumbs down?

Probably someone who WANTS to bring a bomb on board an airliner, and doesn't want it to be found.
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Using my imagination and 20/20 vision (corrected), Ive already been scanning females for years.
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I am not in favor of the full body scanners but I will be most happy to submit to one if everyone does the same.  I will tell you that in the Dallas Morning News paper just last week was an article stating that the Fatwa of the Muslims has declared that his people would not be using the full body scanners because of their religion.  If a old lady like me and an American citizen is expected to go through the scanner, then by "gosh & by golly" (I would like to use harsher words but Blurtit wouldn't like it) everyone that flies should  be getting a full body scan or walking. If the scanner is too offensive to the Muslims then let them walk, take a bus, drive a car or hitch-hike.   All of this politically correct business and don't profile & don't hurt some one's feelings is going to cause another disaster/tragedy.

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