Please Can I Have Complete Interfacing Details Of DAC 0800 Or DAC 0808 With 8085 Microprocessor?


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The DAC0800 series is a monolithic 8-bit high speed current output Digital to Analog converters (DAC) they feature typical settling times that are of 100ns. If these are used as multiplying DAC, they are the monotonic performance that is over 40 to 1 reference current range.

It is also featured to high compliance complimentary current outputs that allow the voltage of the differential outputs of 20 Vp-p along with the simple resistor loads that are shown. The reference to the full scale current matching of something better than ±1 LSB that eliminates to the needs of the full scale trims in most of the applications whereas the nonlinearities of anything that is better then the ±0.1 per cent over temperature that minimizes the system error that accumulates.

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