Nintendo DS or Sony PSP: Which do you prefer and why?


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Marc Haniford Profile
Marc Haniford answered
Sony psp! It has always been better. Ratings wise the new psp has dwarfed the 3DS the ds didn't exceed or match the publics expectations. The graphics are better on the psp and although not 3D it is the master of hand held gaming but if you are about 45 then go for the ds it is user friendly and got games more suitable for elders. Whilst the psp has racing, action, adventure, Mario etc.

Go for the psp, you get way more for your money.
Ashleigh Binder Profile
Ashleigh Binder answered
Nintendo DS. I feel it has a better range of games.

Then again I guess it depends which type of games you like. I suppose the PSP is better for racing and fighting games.

To be honest, if I was going to get a handheld games machine I would rather get a PS Vita than a PSP.
gavin whittle Profile
gavin whittle answered
I like nintendo because it has always had good games it was also my first system.
Humble Bumblebee Profile
I haven't played a SONY PSP but I have an Nintendo DS Lite. I like the Nintendo but the new releases of Nintendo seem to get better and better, with good HD view and so on. It is up to you and to see what you prefer.
Clara Suede Profile
Clara Suede answered
I prefer a thousand times the PSP, the graphics are wonderful, the games are very good, nintendo ds, I think are for kids, or people who like mario and sonic.

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