My Husband Flirts On Facebook Is That Wrong?


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That is a toughy! I would ultimately have to say yes. Flirting can lead to other things. If you accept that, he may begin to do other balsy things and then say they are "ok" because he's not actually meeting anyone or hooking up with them. It's never just "ok" to flirt while you're in a relationship, even though many people do. He's probably just trying to prove to himself he's still got it. Let him roll with it for a while, but if it goes on for too long, then it has to stop. Hope this helped.
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Well,yeah. Your husband may not be flirting face to face but even if he was he would still be flirting behind your back. Talk to him.♥
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Thats very wrong! He has you it shouldn't be reason for him to flirt with anybody,you may want to talk to him about it seeing that your not comfortable with it .See if he stops situations like these can lead elsewhere if you nip it in the bud! Good luck.
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I think that's wrong. Your husband should not do this.

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