Should We Accept A Cyber Personality As A Real Person?


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Of course we should except it. I am a 5'11'' brazilian supermodel who has won 2 pulitzer's in my cyber world (or maybe in my own mind) and you should all except me for who I am! LOL. Ok, truthfully I have found in my time on this earth that it is so much better just to be who I am. Maybe people escape reality by pretending to be someone they are not. I say as long as they are not hurting what you want!
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Glen Thornbury
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But you r married, and smart and beautiful, Plus SUPER SWEET TOO!
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Why thank ya Logic. I don't pretend to be something I'm not but was just maybe giving a reason why someone would.
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I doubt that the majority of people have the same personality on the internet as they do in real life.

The power of being practically anonymous causes people to become bolder, more confident and they cast away their self-doubts and become a whole new person.
Others, become ruder and more arrogant because no one can interrupt or harm them over the internet.

Often, a person's real personalities and ideas come out on the internet (in websites such as these), and it may be totally different that their "real" personality in life... It's NOT living a lie if that is the case. The pressures of real life, can oppress some people that are less sure of themselves even though they aren't that way inside.

I agree with you. We should accept it because that "secret" personality can't really be called fake because it does exist if they can pull it off and act like who they want to be
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Very good question. We shouldn't accept the Cyber personality as a real personality and how we can accept them real unless we don't see and hear them. There is a very wise saying that don't accept or believe the things which you haven't seen from your eyes and heard from your ears. In my opinion, most people who come on cyber space for chating or dating, they are there for fun and not anything else.

Many people believe the personality is real and betrayed. I also have heard a few marriages on cyber space but I still believe with all the technology, we should meet the person (only for a very good and positive reason) if we are interested in him/her. Otherwise, just talk to the person for the time being and leave him/her for good.

The second part in your explanation is also agreed by me. We should leave them as they are . We should make the conversation go without any expectation and promise.
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Z, since you and I do not exist outside of this monitor screen, why can't we accept each other as what we say we are? We are our own Maker---we are what we want to be. Isn't that more REAL in this cyber world that we choose to exist?
The trouble starts when cyber people start crossing into the physical worlds, creating all sorts of complications.
Aren't we better off keeping them separate and just type happily ever after?
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What an interesting question. Personally I've never thought of representing myself as anything that I am not. I am a little compulsive in the honesty department. That said, there are some things that I choose to omit.

I was originally going to say that we really don't have a choice but to accept people as they present themselves. As I thought more about that, though, I realized that there are limits to this. If a Blurtit member (or member of some other website) presents himself as a nuclear physicist working on his doctorate, yet doesn't display the knowledge to back up the claim, I'd be doubtful. If someone claims she is the reincarnation of Cleopatra, my own beliefs (or lack thereof) would probably make me doubt it.

I guess as long as whatever claims people are making seem realistic, I'd accept them at face value. Personally, I don't think I could put that much energy into presenting myself as anything other than what I am.
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It's not always necessary bad though. Through sites like myspace, chat things like MSN you find yourself being able to say things that are not said face to face. It can help with confidence, I know it helped me, being able to speak to those online I was too shy to in gradually rubbed off on me in person too..
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Everyone has an ideal of the person that they would like to be or become, however, cyber persons are not real, they are only a figment of our imiganation, therefore, be careful as to how you portray yourself, you may be recognized by those who know you well and some of your most inner secrets may be exposed.
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We should accept everybody as much as we can on this site. Look at their answers to questions or opinions on the debate responses. This will probably tell more about the kind of person they are.
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My dear friend as far as I am concerned I have given the correct details loll.
We should not accept cyber personalities as a real person. That doesn't mean that all people over here give wrong information. But blurtit people can think of keeping a check. I think it is not practically possible
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Well I don't think that it is wrong to portray something you are not in real long as you don't have any bad intentions...but this is only in the case of creating profiles on Blurtit.When chatting or dating online I think you should portray you're real personality.
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That is a very good question, thanks Dext!

Some people come out of there shell and show their true self in teh cyber world where others become a whole new person or someone they would only like to be.

You should choose each personality individually and though you may make some bad choices (and why cyber dating can be so hazardous).
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I for one feel that this topic is directed at me. I really have never faked anything on a computer screen. I may have made myself seem a little bit smarter than I really am, but I don not ever trick anyone. I also feel that anyone who does anything like this site should learn from it and be more out-going in their real life. Thanks-Trey
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Why spend all the time pretending you are someone else...a little embellishment here and there is one thing, but come on..If you create a totally new character on this website or any others, that is just WEIRD! Like Norman Bates weird!
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Glen Thornbury
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Ron took my photos and is putting an American Flag back ground behind me as we speak, and will email it later! Then you'll see the REAL ME! KID!
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In the cyber world..some people say who they really are. Others might say who'd they like to be...a completely different personality. In that can't really take people for who they always say they are.
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See basically,if you make alive cyber personality & if you program them to live in Real or actual life makes trouble to all mankind.First you understand law of Nature.Understand Tit for Tat method of technology.Suppose a cyber person try to act as Person and do some work in Social system, does it have any right to do so ? He has violating laws of Human Social system. The architect or the plot making idea of making a cyber person to do actual work is gives wrong notions to all .Including those who are creating , including programmer , including manufacture of such personality. Remember if anyone start such things and if its work in actual life , then other people may do the same.Once 1 person start doing this , if other person psychic & like the idea or concept then 2 nd person do the same , then 3rd person start doing the same then 4th and so on .Is their any admin for such experiments ? Is their any protection against such things. This is nothing but the violation of Human system laws.This things are not new.This things are happening in Movie since 10-15 years before in sci-fi movie.But Keep remember this is actual life , this is real life .This is nothing but the violation of Human laws , violation of Nature and nothing but the heavy curse from Master creator of Lord Brahmaji who actually the origin of this Human system as written in Hindu epic.Keep remember there facination of such things among all.Any how sometime does it work and create some malfunction then 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9....and so on all people does this kind of such work will find themselves trouble sooner or later.God pls bless them & find complete rest to prevent such activities.No curse, No boon , no experiments , no psychic, no conflict of reel or Real life .Only find peace and happiness of a person who actually residing on earth. Hope this may be understand by such people who does this kind of things on Net & try to do in actual life ... Bless & bliss with rest.Prevent malfunction.
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Well, if the person is only our imagination then it must be our personality who imagines it, so if the person would be left alone with no peer pressure or anything like that then the personality would adjust and become that cyber personality, so a cyber personality is actually more real than our real personality. Our real personality is basically our cyber personality but we start thinking about what is socially best for us, in cyber world we don't realize the consequences of our actions so we do what OUR personality would do
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Not really. Maybe accepting half of it will be better than not accepting their personality online at all. Sometimes when people chat online it's their inner self engaging in front of a screen. However, when you actually meet people, face to face, it's harder to disguise our facial expressions and insecurities.  So, for some it's just more comfortable to chat.

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