Can 11 Year Old Kids Play Call Of Duty Modern War Fare 2 And 1?


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Yes if their parents let them which mine always do
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The rating established by ESRB is an appropriate indicator of the content of this game.  The rating is M for mature because of "Blood, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, [and] Language."  An eleven year old child should not play this game.  The executive functions of the brain (viz. The prefrontal cortex) are not developed fully in adolescent humans until around the ages of 19 through 21; the onset is delayed for boys as opposed to girls.  This suggests that the physiological capacity to moderate impulse behavior and to act in a socially-appropriate manner is not as present in a minor as it is in an adult.  This has serious implications for the child who is exposed to realistic graphic violence, particularly when coupled with the finding of the American Academy of Pediatrics that "violence in the media is related to aggressive behavior, including seriously violent behavior among youths."  See "Linkages Between Internet and Other Media Violence With Seriously Violent Behavior by Youth" (Ybarra, Diener-West, Markow, Leaf, Hamburger, and Boxer; Pediatrics 2008).  While an adult may be able to distinguish between reality and the violent graphic fantasy that is Modern Warfare 2, an eleven year old child may not have that same ability (in part because of sheer physical development at that stage in his or her life).  At base, Modern Warfare 2 offers the benefit of entertainment with no educational upside.  And while violent video game content by itself is not the only reason for violent behavior among children, it is, as the above-study concludes "'the single most easily remediable contributing factor.'" (Pediatrics v. 122, p.929)  In short, there is no appreciable benefit to this game's being played by an eleven year old child, and there lies a serious potential risk from its being played by anyone not within the ESRB-suggested audience.  Good parenting suggests removing this influence from the growing number of influences that can lead children to respond with violence to the situations they encounter in daily life.  As for adults, feel free to enjoy this well-made game as it suits you. This is not a call for clearing away the great freedoms we enjoy by virtue of the First Amendment.  Games such as this are entitled to be made and played, but they should be played only by the right audience - children not included.

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