What Are DHTML Effects In FrontPage?


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DHTML effects in FrontPage provide us multiple ways to beautify the web page appearance. We can use image roll over effect, page load effect and click effect. To use the DHTML effects in frontpage, select View -> Tool Bars -> DHTML effect from menu bar. The DHTML effect will be shown.

After typing some thing, select the event on which we want to give the effect. The events are "Click", "Double Click" and "Page Load" for the text effects. Now select the effect from the Apply option list. We have multiple effects like Fly In, Elastic, Wave and Wipe. In the third option list we need to select the direction setting for the effect. The other two buttons are "Remove Effect" (to remove the currently used effect) and toggle hide show effect button can also be seen on the tool bar.

To use the rollover effect for images, insert the image by using Insert -> Picture -> From File. Select the picture and from DHTML effects tool bar choose mouse over event. From the next option list select the image swap effect and from third option list select the picture to be replaced. When you have done this, save the page and preview in the browser by pressing Shift + Ctrl + B. You can the beautiful dynamic effect.
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DHTML: DHTML which stands for Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language is the advance version of the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), now a days we can see that different sites gives us customization option a user can define its shortcuts etc, so how it got possible to give such attractive options to the user the answer is the DHTML with the help of DHTML one can generate dynamic content which is not possible with "static HTML" web pages, basically the DHTML is the combination of.

(1) Document Object Model.
(2) CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
(3) Java Script (Client Side Script)
(4) HTML.

The DHTML is normally used in designing the drop-down menus, different style of buttons etc. The browser based action games are also developed with the help of DHTML but there are many problems which are still faced by the developers and that are the poor standardization of the web browsers, the other main problem while using DHTML is that it is a little difficult tool for development and also not easy to debug. The browser developer have certainly realized the problems regarding the DHTML and brought changes in the browser and aided by Shared Document Object Model such browser includes Internet Explorer 5.0, Opera 7.0, Mozilla Firefox 2.0.
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Dhtml get more effect in the Front page you make the page more attractive and stylist using the CSS and java script

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