What are three ways that a iPad could benefit society? And what are two ways it could have human consequences?


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I'm not exactly sure what you meant by human consequences, but if the way I understand it , the three consequences would be
1. Humans would start to rely too much on the touch-screened modern technology we have,  to do things  that don't necessarily have to be done technologically.
2. The nuclear aspects of ipad (and other technologies) screens can cause problems in human eyesight if they are exposed for too long.
3. (um, I don't have a third >.<)

Three ways that an iPad could benefit society (I'm basically rebutting most of what I just said, but anyway):
1. They can make life easier with all of the installable apps with variable uses.
2. If used for social networking, they can be used as a tool for communication.
3. They display the wonders of apple technologies up close, and enlarged due to the larger size.

Sorry if its not that good, but I thought I'd try and help XD

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