I'm having a stand alone garage built and want to do the wiring myself. I've wired a 30 amp breaker from my house and have ran 10/3 cable to the garage. I'd like lights, plugs, and switches throughout. Where do I go from here?


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Really a lot to explain on here but take it you have some knowledge here. Is the 10/3 hooked to a double pole breaker inside the house to supply 220 to garage sub panel and hopefully you have hooked up the sub panel already with red and black being hot leads and white (neutral) and bare copper (ground) hooked to neutral busbar. I youre going to have a work bench in garage best to run two seperate circuits to the bench, each supplying however many rectacles you have, alternating between a black and red 110 circuit in case one blows, the other works. Run a seperate circuit for lights and one for a garage door opener if applicable.  Basically a receptacle is two 12/2 wires in one from panel and one out to another plug  so grounds together but first plug from panel by law has to be a GFI  which is no problem as grounds pitail to green ground screw and whites to silver screws. Now line from panel is your line side and one going out is load side on copper screws, its marked. Then regular receptacle is grounds pigtail to green ground screw, white to silver screws and blacks to brass screws and then install. Light switch is again two 12/2 wires in the box with grounds capped together and whites capped off together and shoved in back of box. If you know which is power wire from box, usually the power line goes to bottom of switch and light sitch leg black at top of switch but doesnt matter if you mix. At light, simply color code wires in box and from light itself together and intall, Turn power on and you should be all set here. Basic electric 101 hope it helps and any problems give me a shout

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