What is the best brand of laptop, the longest lasting time in using?


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Iris Phillips answered
According to LaptopMag, the top five laptops for long lasting battery life are:
  • The HP Mini 5102 Netbook, at 10.1 hours;
  • Acer Aspire 1810TZ, an ultra portable laptop, at 8.8 hours;
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X201s, well suited for business, at 8.5 hours;
  • Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch, at 7.9 hours
  • The light and thin Pro 13-inch Apple MacBook, at 7.8 hours
Of course all laptops are different. Some are geared for business, others are mainly laid out for gaming or graphics. Which one is best for any one particular individual ultimately depends on what they wish to use it for.

  • Choosing a laptop
The best way to go about choosing a laptop is to make a list of features and qualities that are required, then taking the time to check out some reviews and comparing a range of laptops or notebooks to the prepared list.

  • Check reviews
Reviews can be found all over the place, many of which are from users for users. A good place to start is LaptopMag, then there are BusinessKnowledgeSource, a multitude of others and of course Which. Which actually compares 50 laptops, but it should be noted that a subscription is necessary to view them, which is a shame.

In any case, adding laptop reviews to the browser's search bar will bring up dozens of possible sites to look at. While researching option, it also pays to compare some prices. Not only do they vary a great deal between manufacturers, they also vary from retailer to retailer.

  • Shop around
Many of them frequently have special offers and deals, so it is worth shopping around for a while before making a firm decision. The best bet is to make a shortlist of possible options and then checking out the varying prices at which these options can be found.
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kim roddy answered
The lasting of the electronic equipments can't be said. It solely depends on the use. If you use it very carefully, you can make a laptop long lasting but if you use it very vigorously then it won't last for that long. Regarding the brands, people say that Mac Book is the best one and therefore the people across the world have been the best laptop.
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Gemma Geri answered

I agree to what Iris Phillips has mentioned. Also, it depends on an individual & usage.

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Brendon Dismon answered

Lenovo it's awsome.

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Nina Jones answered

I have a MacBook Pro 13'' (2011). Initially, it worked for 8 hours of movies watching. Today the battery doesn't last for long, but it can be fixed. So if you'd like to purchase this laptop, but you have doubts about it, you can try your fortune via Drakemall and get macbook pro 13.3 almost for free

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