What are the advantages for conditional formatting?


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Conditional formatting is a way of formatting cells in the spreadsheet software Microsoft Excel. It allows cells within a particular spreadsheet to be formatted automatically in accordance to what is in the cell. For example, if there is a figure that is negative in a cell, the cell color would automatically turn to red, positive numbers may turn the cell green and so on. So what are the advantages of conditional formatting?

  • Updates occur in real time

The spreadsheet will have the ability to format itself as you are working on it in real time. This means that anything you do within the spreadsheet will be brought to your attention quicker if the cells were to change their format. For example, if you have entered the same data into the spreadsheet twice, you could set up conditional formatting to change this cell to red. That way you are constantly up to date with everything that is going on in your spreadsheet.

  • Stops you from wasting time

If all of this formatting is happening on its own, this leaves you with a lot more time to complete the more important tasks. You will have more free time to spend analyzing the spreadsheet thoroughly or indeed to do whatever else you want to do with you spare time now that the formatting is complete.

  • More in-depth analysis

The conditional formatting can allow you to control data in you spreadsheet in a way that will help you analyze the data in a much deeper way. This will give you a much better understanding of your statistics in the long run.

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