Is twisted wizard a real game on nintindo wii from diary of a wimpy kid?


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Twisted Wizard is a made up video game that is mentioned in the bestselling children's book 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'. It is a game that was invented by the author and is therefore not available for purchase on the Nintendo Wii console.

  • The Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
The Diary of a Wimpy Kid was written by Jeff Kinney who originally published it on a web comic via the Funbrain website. Since then, the franchise has expanded, multiple books and a hit movie have been released and there are even talks of sequels. The genre of this series of novels is described as realistic fiction because it deals with real life situations i.e. Bullying but with fictional characters. It is also listed under the genre of comedy.

  • Plot.
The main protagonist of this novel is Greg Heffley, who begins the book by complaining about how bad his life is with all of his worries about middle school and dealing with his slightly dysfunctional family. Greg's best friend is Rowley Jefferson, who appears multiple times throughout the book.

The main storyline of this book follows Greg's friendship with Rowley, and the complications that arise that cause their friendship to fall apart. Several incidents occur between the two who that cause their relationship to fracture and collapse. Towards the end of the novel they get into a fight and some teenagers they encountered earlier in the book come and get involved.

These kids make Rowley eat a disgusting piece of cheese which has a significant role throughout the book and are about to force Greg to do the same but he gets away. Once the older kids go away, Greg throws away the cheese but he then becomes "infected" with the Cheese Touch. The book ends with Rowley and Greg becoming best friends once again.

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