What Do I Do If My Combat Arms Says "CD3D_Shell::Build Device List GetDeviceCaps Failed"?


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Installing drivers on your video card, or reinstalling these drivers, can help you deal with this annoying error message. Sometimes, people playing games while running old video graphics cards can run into problems; now and then, the system will simply be unable to process the bits and bytes of a complex Call of Duty (CD) video game.

However, fast and high-tech new video cards and graphics will help to alleviate these sorts of problems. If you can`t afford a new card, or don`t know how to install or update your drivers when you see a "CD3D_Shell:: Build Device List GetDeviceCaps failed``video game message, you may need to restart your game and try again. Of course, there is always the possibility that the same problem will occur again.

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  • Reading the instructions that come with a copy of CD:3D is very important; before you dive into the game, be sure you've installed it properly.
Some computer error messages are caused by old or faulty video game graphic cards, or drivers that are in need of updating. If you change the card and update the drivers, the error message may disappear.

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