Can I use PVC piping for a propane line. It would be buried underground, with Black steel risers being used for the actual connections?


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It is not recommended that you use PVC piping for a propane line. Using PVC piping would be highly dangerous if a fire were to occur, as the pipe would burst and cause the propane gas to flow out and explode. Instead. You should use either copper piping or galvanized piping. Flex lines and rubber hoses are also disallowed by inspectors for propane lines.

Copper is the most common transporter of propane gas underground. On the surface exposure may lead to cracks, but underground the metal is ideal. Copper is malleable and can be moulded into any shape of pipe. The copper pipes will need to be run underground between the tank and an in-house or pool regulator. Any parts of the copper piping that are exposed will need to be protected. It is very important to make sure you have the right sized pipes as this will affect the output pressure. Before you install your copper pipes make sure that you have consulted a sizing table in order to calculate the correctly sized pipe based on the length of the line and the gas pressure. Doing this will ensure that you have the adequate output pressure.

While copper is the most common piping used to transport propane gas, steel is still preferred by inspectors. Copper piping can react with the traces of sulphur that is carried by the propane gas. This in turn can cause the piping to flake slightly and eventually these flakes can accumulate and block the pipe. However, the risk of this is quite minimal and does not really outweigh the benefits of using copper piping. Working with gas can be dangerous so if you have any hesitations about installing your piping then it is highly recommended that you get some help, tiny mistakes can cause big problems.
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No as it has to be in explosive proof piping
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I'm confused since I get conflicting answers. One site says I can as long as it's a minimum 18 inches underground and that's only for fire safety. Another site say's only black gas pipe, another says copper, galvanized pipe or pvc. It's going to be about a 100 foot run and money is definitely an object for me so that for sure leaves out using copper. The pressure in the line would only be about 10-12 psi.
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I think the problem is that you wont get any insurance money when your house burns down if you used PVC. While it might not be very dangerous if you bury the pipes deep enough. This might differ per place and per insurance company.
Insurance companies have strict rules and if you divert from them they'll be happy to use that if it saves them money.

No expert on the safety part though, so don't take my word for it! :)

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