Factors to consider when choosing communication media?


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Some factors to consider when choosing communication media include budget, target audience, mission statement, and marketing goals. For example, if you have a very small or non-existent budget, using Internet communication media that is free to anyone who wants it can be an excellent way to spread your message without breaking the bank. Examples of free social communication media applications include Facebook, Twitter, and virtual worlds such as the popular Second Life.

  • Establish your online presence

By establishing your brand in these free online milieus, you can communicate with a huge global audience of potential customers, and getting started with these services is often as easy as registering with the services and providing an email address. In some cases, it will only take a minute or two to join up - of course, at this point, you will need to create profile pages and status updates; the best Internet marketers combine engaging, personal updates with the odd plug (with links to their business website) for their own company. This type of marketing through communication media can be tricky, so it must be done correctly. Check blogs on online marketing to get some tips you can use to enjoy these free marketing tools while you surf the Internet.

  • Find the target

Your target audience, mission statement and marketing goals should also factor in - if you're interested in finding local clients, you'll need to step up your use of radio ads, print ads in local magazines, postcards that you direct mail to locals, brochures, pamphlets, and TV commercials. Ideally, your local advertising social communication media should be combined with an online presence that highlights your company and presents it in the best possible light.

Learning about social communication media will be easier if you begin to study marketing and modern advertising, whether you study online or in a real-life classroom.
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Definition of message formality

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discuss the following factors in relation to choosing the channel of communication.further, suggest atleast one suitable channel for each factor

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