How do I become a hacker for F.B.I., I know quite a bit about computers but I wanna learn more?


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You probably just ensured that this will never happen...
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Michael Reese
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Why not? Or I just wanna work for the F.B.I. I don't wana hack the F.B.I. I'm only 10 years old I'm gonna get my doctors degree in law inforcement
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It's Too Risky,,All That FBI Stuff.. I'd
Be Nervous
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Umm I don't think tht going to be true
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Start hacking and see if the FBI doesn't show up, and then beg for a job
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First learn how to program some high level, specialized programming language.  Next move on to a low level language such as C.  Learn how networks work.  Build up "1337 5ki11z".  DON'T USE AN ALIAS.  Attend a hacker convention, these are held regularly in California.  Impress someone.
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Do you mean doctorate/doctoral degree. I don't think a "doctor" degree makes you a doctor/md. : )  what's that saying it's all academic from here. The short answer is!-to actually contact the federal bereau of investigations and find out what classes/education and training you need to be even accepted into the F.B.I. As madmacstew made a joke of, you should make sure you have no skeletons in your closet that could prevent you from being even looked at for acceptance into one of their other words get a checklist of things that you need to do in order to work towards your goal.that would be my guess.

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