Show me a sample of construction company profile?


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Quite simply, a company profile is something that introduces your company. In a company profile, you will need to successfully explain what your company does, what your company represents and offers as a service, not forgetting to explain any assets and abilities your company has. In a way, you can view a company profile as a business's resume and a company profile can be written from a number of angles. It can be something you put in a bid or a "sell" to try and gain business, or it can be something that is simply viewable on a company website or brochure and before you start writing your construction company profile, you will need to decide an "aim" and a tone of the type of article and impression you want to put across.

Your construction company profile should contain the following:

- Your company name, your head address, type of business, and company status

- The number of employees your business houses and relevant financial figures, such as profit and previous year's turnover

- You'll then need to add slightly more detailed information, such as any references, testimonials of completed jobs/projects, and any building/construction certificates your company possesses.

These are the basics that should be added in a company profile, but bear in mind that you should adapt your company profile to what it will be used for and who it will be read by, just like a resume. If it's for a bid on a desirable project, ensure that you accentuate the success of your business, including numerous testimonials of previous clients and a list of your most successful and impressive completed projects. You should always ensure that the document isn't too long and is neat, concise, easy to read and to the point.
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