How to make your pet grow faster in wizard 101?


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The social networking game Wizard 101 offers an extensive guide that is available through their official website. This guide is available to all to review and it includes all the information you will need about rearing your pets in the game. The guide can be found at:

  • What happens in Wizard 101?

The game sees you create your very own 'wizard' avatar which you will use to navigate the wizard world. The avatar you create is based on a personality quiz that you answer prior to signing up. The choices you make will decide which guild your wizard belongs to.

Throughout the wizard world, you will collect items and learn spells and develop your character. You will also receive pets throughout your time in the world and these pets will fight for you and give you other benefits.

These pets can be leveled up and made stronger as you progress through the game. Their attributes include intellect, power, agility, will and strength.

All of these attributes are gradually improved the more you work with your pet and the more powerful they get the more powerful you get. You can improve your pet by completing tasks and mini games as you complete other objectives in the game. The pets are dropped randomly and you can even hatch your own pets and cater them to your specific needs.

  • How can you get involved?

The game is free to play and all you need to do is download the drivers that enable you to play. The website to sign up for Wizard 101 is

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