Which replica handbags website in China is safe?


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Copy  or oriental??
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There aren't too many safe ones around. That's why I stick to real labels like Shanghai Tang even though they are a bit pricey, I am happy to pay for quality and security..

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personally, i buy from louis vuitton backpack stockx !! Their site is very safe for a replica website and their customer service is unbeatable !!

You can also try!!!

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If you don't mind, you can try www.replicahandbagsbox.com. It is reliable.
I have checked the website. And I find that they accept credit card and paypal.And these two payments are good for we customers.
For credit card payment, now paying by credit card is a secure way. You can protected by the bank for months. And the bank will have the programming system that, if some one use your card to buy in other place that has a total different "IP address", your bank will think this payment is fraud and will not let the payment go through. Also you can protect your right if you receive a bill that isn't pay by yourself.
And I find they have ssl certificate.Besides, In their browser, it shows https://...  And "s" shows it is safe. And Behind in the browser has a lock symbol which shows their customers' credit card information is Confidential.
For paypal, consumers often choose paypal payment when they shop online.
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I'm very happy to share my favourite site to you can find many LV 2011 new handbags at these shop :www.cheaplvshop.com/     
www.cheaplouisvuittonshop.com/they they have  a very good range of   handbags. Cheap and good quality. It is really a reliable and free shipping store.Fast delivery and great customer service. Hope it help you too.

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