Debate on "how cce is beneficial for cbse students(in hindi)"?


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It is suggested that the biggest advantage that can be had through the CCE scheme designed by CBSE is that it tries to eliminate the stress for students through a variety of measures, including:

  • Learning content in small doses

Instead of teaching long lectures or lessons on a particular topic, the CCE breaks everything down into much smaller portions of content. This is done primarily so that the progress of the students can be accurately measured at frequent intervals. By doing this, teachers can know quickly and easily if a student is struggling with a particular piece of the content.

  • A variety of teaching methods

It is suggest that the CCE attempts to approach students on all levels of ability and understand and caters to each one individually. This way, the teaching can be approached from a variety of different levels to ensure that all students understand.

  • Active learning

Instead of simply sitting in front of a text book and reading or listening to a teacher, the CCE attempts to bring the students directly into all aspects of their learning. This could be done through a variety of activities that are adapted specifically to help the children apply the theory of what they are learning and use it for themselves in a practical situation.

  • Positivity

The CCE is designed with the intention of using only positive feedback in order to encourage students. This means that teachers must not criticize or be negative about a student's ability or performance on a particular topic.

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