The reason a user account was locked out will be investigated within _______ and the documentation of the reason will be kept for ______?


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There are a variety of reasons as to why a user’s account may be locked out, which depend on the website or company policy. It may be something as simple as the user repeatedly entering an incorrect password. Some companies, websites or Intranets require users to frequently change their password for security reasons and if the password is not changed, the account may be locked. The user may have been abusing the policy of the website and disregarding rules, which can sometimes lead to an account being locked. The administrator of the account may have reason to believe that the account has been hacked, or it may be locked when it has not been used for a long period of time.

If you contact the company and inform them that a user account has been locked, they are likely to respond as quickly as possible to try and solve the issue. If it is the fault of the user, then an investigation may take place to decide whether or not the user should be allowed access to the account again. It depends on the policy of the company as to how long it will take to begin to carry out the investigation and also how long the investigation will take. It is best to contact the company directly to find out this information and also to find out if how long the documentation will be kept. These answers probably depend on the seriousness of the case as much as the policy of the company.
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User accounts can be locked or blocked for a number of reasons.  Administrators usually have the power to block a user from accessing their account if they believe the account has not been used for the purposes intended, has been hacked, or has not been used recently.  Most companies will allow for investigation if you are concerned that your account has been locked out.  It is best to keep your own documentation in any case as there is no way of being certain that the company will act in your best interests.

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