What Are The Cheats For Marble Blast Gold To Unlock Custom Levels On A MAC?


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Okay, this is a lot.... I won't explain what the cheats do... But you do have to press f10 or ~, and then press return after typing the cheats.
For $testcheats=1;, press f11 after typing it

landmineexplosion.impulseforce=any number;
landmine.resetTime=any number;
PlayGui.setGemCount(any number);
addHelpLine("Word", false);
PlayGUI.setTime(any number);

Thanks! I really am an expert on cheats...
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Oops. I never told you how to get custom levels....

Download them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You need to download the costom maps and then put them on and I'm lookin for costom maps 2 :L
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Just remember, king of the moutain is the one you can beat with this code:

  Default-marble.gravity=1; so when you start, just jump up and don't move and you'll see the finish.
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Press f10 type testcheats=1; then press enter and press f11 and f4 check and see if I'm right do a dollar sign at first before typing in test cheats
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1. Enter Game
2. At intro press ~ (PC) or F10 (MAC)
3. Type in $testcheats=1;
4. Enter level you want to edit and press F4 then F11
5. Edit level and save in Marble Blast Gold/missions/custom
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Click right  hand corner it only works on
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Um you got to beat all beginner intermideate and advanced levels, or do the cheat for edit levles and you can use the gravity cheat to beat each level. Then you'll have the custom levels. The cheats are: $testcheats=1; and the other is defaultmarble.gravity=2; you enter the game enter a lvl then you can do those cheats. Also you can get custom levels from file front, you get the maps chose them and you'll get some andyou can get your custom made levels into the custom file. From the web site or from the level editor with the marble blast gold cheat $testcheats=1; that's how you can get custom levels.
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Idiots! To get custom levels you need to either create them yourself or download them.
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You have to finish all the levels on marble blast and make shore it's all gold time.

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