What is meaning of wipro?


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Wipro is the expansion of Western India Products. Earlier, the compnay used to deal in sunflower oil and known as western Indian products. Later it is cut short and known to be "WIPRO"
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Wipro started off as western India vegetable oil products that manufactured edible oils and related products. Azim Premji, the current CEO was the son of the founder and he took over the business in 1966. From then on, Wipro has been on a path of diversification. First they started manufacturing light bulbs in collaboration with GE and also entered the Fast moving consumer goods markets by producing products such as soaps etc. When IBM was expelled from India in 1970’S Wipro seized the opportunity and started manufacturing mini computers. In 1984 they also established Wipro systems that produced software which were later on also exported as well. In 1989 Wipro and GE formed Wipro GE medical systems for marketing and servicing medical fdiagnostics tools. They also started Wipro Net in 1999 in collaboration with Royal Dutch telecom and became the first internet service providers for corporate customers. It also expanded through various acquisitions; in 2002 they acquired spectra mind and entered business process outsourcing, acquired R& D center of Ericsson, started management consultancy by acquiring a firm called American management systems and Nervewire. They also started knowledge process outsourcing by helping in development of patents etc. The company pays a lot of importance to its employees and hires only the best. It ahs also started various social uplift programs in the field of education under the Azim Premji Foundation. For further details you can visit :  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wipro_Technologies  www.wipro.com
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Limited also has a hardware business component called Wipro Infotech that sells
notebooks, desktops and storeroomdevices chiefly
to administration departments and community sector undertakings (PSUs) in
India. Wipro's subsidiary include Wipro Consumer Care & illumination,
Wipro GE medicinal Systems Limited and Wipro communications Engineering.

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Wipro is a company

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