What Are The Parts Of Monitor And Their Functions?


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A monitor is known by several different names including display, an electrical display and a visual display unit (VDU), but regardless of the name given to it, it is made up from the display device, circuitry and an enclosure. It is used for seeing information displayed upon it, and the most common are LCD (Liquid Crystal Display, or CRT (Cathode Ray Tube).

Another name for a monitor is a computer screen, and it is in this capacity that it is most commonly used. As such, it is a computer peripheral that displays still or moving images generated by the computer and processed by the computer's graphic card.

The monitor's display standards are instrumental in defining how images are portrayed. An LCD monitor, which is traditionally thin, compact and light, has transistors that charge liquidized crystals, which are positioned between two pieces of glass. The source of light is provided by fluorescent tubes, which passes through a layer of the liquid crystals. Usually this type of monitor has a longer life span and uses less energy and so does not become hot, as well as being more space efficient.

A CRT monitor is used less and less these days and is very large and cumbersome. It works by a cathode shooting an electric beam through a vacuum tube that is also situated in the monitor; this results in something called phosphor burn-in, which you can see in the glow on the monitor screen. This is localized aging and is the result of displaying a static image for a long time and will eventually lead to the monitor not performing as well as it should do. In some instances, text can even be seen when the monitor is not switched on, although this is not common.

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