What Are The Disadvantages Of Fifth Generation Computer?


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  • The disadvantages

As fifth generation computers have yet to be created, they carry no disadvantages as of yet. However, this does not mean that, once they are here, they will be perfect, but just that people do not create with the wish that their invention will have flaws - problems tend to occur without people realizing until much later in their developments.

Although this may seem irritating, it is this that allows technology to be developed and improved in time. 

  • About the fifth generation computer

Scientists worldwide have started the race to be the first to create the fifth generation computer, a machine that has the capability to reason logically, using the internet to provide a genuine knowledge of the universe. Inventors also plan for it to carry a real IQ level as well, making this PC completely different to anything we have ever seen before.

Unlike the present computers of today that are serial and can only do data processing, it is planned that the new fifth generation computers will not only be able to do many tasks at the same time, but also be able to do knowledge processing, which it seems will be the main new feature provided, and rightly so.

Japan, which started work on the invention quite a few years ago, seem to be closest to achieving this technological advancement; choosing the operating software PROLOG language, also known as Programming in Logic, and have further hopeful plans to make the final computer be able to have a full length conversation with humans, hearing and understanding language as it is normally spoken, with all of its different idioms.

Researchers there also wish to make the machine see images and pictures, and be able to supply their own in relevance to a discussion.
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Tw disadvantages of fifth generation

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