What's Rick Ross Real Cell Phone Number?


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Rick Ross hasn't revealed his real cellphone number to the general public, and it's probably good that he hasn't. 

Can you imagine the amount of phone calls he'd receive on a daily basis?! Rick Ross has gathered a lot of attention during his time as a rapper, and here's why:

  • Rick Ross actually worked as a correction officer for 18 months.  This seemed a little odd to many people due to the content of his music.  He initially denied the reports, but later confessed that it was true.
  • He was the target of a drive-by shooting on his 37th birthday. Neither Rick Ross nor his girlfriend were hurt in the attack, but he did crash his car into an apartment block trying to escape.
  • Rick Ross has been arrested for gun and marijuana charges.
  • He was sued by DJ Vlad for assault and battery in 2008.

Alongside these incidents, Rick Ross has also been in the spotlight for a feud with 50 Cent because he "looked at him the wrong way".  Further to this, his song "U.O.E.N.O" was petitioned against, as it appeared to condone sexual assault. 

As you can see, there's probably quite a few people that would want to call Rick Ross, but he's unlikely to release his phone number any time soon I would imagine!

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