How Do I Remove The Pillow Block Bearing From A Swamp Cooler?


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  • Step 1
Firstly you need to make sure that the water is completely switched off before you carry out your replacement. Turn off the switch at the circuit breaker as well to ensure you have no power running through it while you work on it.

  • Step 2
Locate the cooler panels from the three sides of the device and pull them off. Now you can remove the belt from the motor pulley by firstly getting a socket wrench and loosening the bolts situated on the motor. You will notice that on the ends of the drive shaft there are bearings located with brackets on top. You will need to remove the bolts on the top so you can take out the brackets.

  • Step 3
You should then be able to remove the bearings from the drive shaft and then replace them with the new bearings. Once they're in place, put the brackets back on and secure them tightly with the bolts.

  • Step 4
There should be oil caps located on the bearing brackets, of which you should fill with three drops of lubricating oil of the non-detergent variety. Continue to put the belt back on to the motor pulley and then secure it tightly by fastening the bolts.

  • Step 5
Put the cooler panels back in their place and turn on the water from the main switch.

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