Were Is Bakugan Dimensions Free Online World At Online?


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Bakugan is a well known MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game).  The official website for Bakugan World is This website is completely free, all you need to do is register an account then you can get started. If you are under the age of 13, your parents or guardian will have to verify your account. You must follow the rules provided when signing up, by not cheating, swearing, spamming and other things which may put your account at jeopardy.

  • Requirements to get involved with the game

To play Bakugan, you must be connected to the internet such as on a computer or a net book, or even your phone (you will need a smart phone for this).

Bakugan is created by Spin Master and its original aim was at children, nevertheless it is still played by people of different ages. The purpose of the game is to fight monsters against other members online. It has a similar aim as such games as Pokémon, where you also collect them. There are six types of Baukgans:

  • Pyrus (attribute of fire)
  • Subterra (attribute of earth)
  • Haos (attribute of light)
  • Darkus (attribute of darkness)
  • Aquos (attribute of water)
  • Ventus (attribute of air)

Bakugan is also a large franchise selling toys and accessories such as cards, game packs, booster packs, action figures and many more things related to the game. As well as this you can buy a games arena and challenge friends at home rather than online to a game of Bakugan.

  • Bakugan in other media

You can also watch the anime series, which may also be broadcasted on TV (depending what channels you have available) or you can purchase the DVD. If you own a Nintendo DS, you may also wish to purchase Bakugan Battle Brawlers Defender of The Core to play an interactive game on the go without an internet connection required.

The official site of Bakugan Dimensions Free Online World is located at the following website URL:

This virtual world features lots of action - players fight monsters and test their mettle in a variety of compelling settings. Great graphics and giant monsters add visual impact to this exciting, and free, online gaming platform.

The Bakugan Dimensions Free Online World is suitable for all ages, except perhaps young children who may not have the coordination needed to battle properly; as well, little ones may be frightened of the monsters they see on the computer monitor. For older kids (and kids of all ages), this easy-to-use application offers lots of diverting, fast-paced gameplay.

Bakugan Dimensions Free Online World is just one of many free online worlds, including Second Life and Freeworld; people who frequent these websites often enjoy losing themselves in characters and socializing with other gamers in a unique and safe online environment.

Since these games require only an Internet connection and a home computer, netbook, or smartphone, they can be played easily, without paying the subscription fees and other expenses necessary to play online games such as World of Warcraft. For this reason, free online virtual worlds remain a popular choice with many gamers.

People who enjoy battle games, such as Pokemon or Mortal Combat, may really enjoy using the Bakugan Dimensions Free Online World platform. Since most features on this website are related to the battle type of video gaming, it is suitable for people who really enjoy (and seek out) that particular genre. People who prefer fantasy games set in medieval times, with more developed characters, may prefer to choose a different type of free online gaming experience; Bakugan is not known for its chat interfaces...first and foremost, it is a place to do battles and move up to new challenges.
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