How Do I Sign Up To Pay My Sears Charge Plus Account Online(online Payment Process)?


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The only way in which you are going to be able to pay for your sears charge on plus account is going to be on their website. Here you are going to have to set up online banking which is going to allow you to make as many different payments as you like when you are logged in. You are going to have to ensure that you have all of the correct documents in place and that you are not going to have any trouble when you are setting up the account.

If you do need any help there are going to be many helpline numbers for you to use and take advantage of when you are trying to set up your online banking for your plus account. Once everything is in place you can pay for the charge online with the processes which are in place. The payments can be made securely and you are also not going to have to worry about the process taking a long time as the online system works immediately and as quickly as possible to ensure that they online banking process is as quick as possible so you can pay for any charges on your plus account as soon as you need to.

Once you have everything in place and have signed up, you can pay for many different charges on your plus account within the future. You can also check your statements online and pay for many different things. As online banking is becoming more popular, you will find that there is a number of things and processes that you can do as quickly as possible which are going to save you from having to go to the bank and doing the process through the bank and the staff which is going to take a lot longer.
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I have to say that Sears is the hardest online bill pay that I have EVER used. They make it near impossible to sign up in the first place. If you go in and navigate through the site, half the links bring you to error pages and give you phone numbers to call. If I wanted to call, I would have called! They make it near impossible to set up recurring payments, perhaps in an effort to continue to get late fees and finance charges racking up to increase their profit margin. Sears Online Bill Pay = FAIL!
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Usually, store credit cards need your online registration.  You'll have to go to their internet site (probably something like, and then to their link to credit cards. If you haven't registered yet, click on the link to do so.   Whether or not they allow payments to be made online will show up on the credit card site.  If you can't find out, try the link that says "contact us" and ask for the information on payments.

Hope that helps out a bit!
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Well, when you get the bill or monthly statement then write out a check and send it in the enclosed envelope for the amount on the statement.  If you don't have a checking account then get a money order.
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Make a payment
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I think if you have problems with payment, you can always contact the company's chat and clarify the information. Serious companies also provide several phone numbers where you can reach them. I am sure of this, because I have a merchant account, and if I have any difficulties or details that I need to clarify, I always contact the chat on the site.

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Go to Sears website, and browse through it.

You should find the info you need to make your payment.

If you have any questions call the toll free number on the back of
your Sears card.
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I keep being directed to CitiBank and it does not give me my Sears Gold Master Card info. What web site should I use to go directly to Sears Gold Master Card and NOT my old CitiBank information? I am getting very frustrated and I am on trying to pay my bill.
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I have paid my searschargeplus account on-line in the past, but can't seem to locate my sign-in info.  My acct # is 5049 9415 7505 3019, please advise. Carole Dennewitz
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Number one,,,,you should NEVER give out any account information ACCEPT on the website of the account. Go to and look for a customer service link. If you can't locate it just look for "Help" somewhere on the webpage.

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